I went to Moma and…

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Hipster economics are standard economics because hipsters are everything the US economy has ever wished for in one convenient package. It’s a group consisting largely of young, upper-middle class people with very little conviction, who will spend large amounts of money to maintain their own comfort and the appearance of diversity and rebellion. They are activists as long as it’s easy, poor as long as it doesn’t involve dirt or hunger, and selfless as long as they don’t stand to lose anything. They represent the sanitizing of national issues so that they can be discussed without being addressed. And all you have to do to control them is use some reverse psychology. They’re not rebels, they’re not even malicious, because they’re not anything except a bunch of kids playing pretend. They’ll eventually grow up and become bankers, lawyers and politicians, just like their parents…
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"Stick that in your donut hole!”

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Hank  …  i love Hank 

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when you walk into the auditorium and your athlete son and his athlete best friend are preparing for a play by painting a wooden tree that is a part of the set


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what i look for in men

  • tall
  • handsome
  • very confused
  • long greasy hair
  • metal arm
  • bucky
  • i’m looking for bucky
  • my name is steve rogers
  • have you seen him? please help me find him it’s been 6 months

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me on my deathbed: i just have one more thing 2 say before i die
everyone: what is it
me: the kardashians just love each other so much like no matter what anyone says they always have each others backs and remember when rob didn't go to kims wedding because he was feeling self conscious and she wasnt even mad she was just sad for him like how sweet is that
everyone: are u serio-
me: kardashians 4 life
me: [dies]
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No this is not a tumblr girl…

It’s harry styles

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