My #1 hero is Batman, because he could call any superhero if he needs help.

10 yo’s answer to “Who is your number one hero or heroine?”

Not only is this not a full paragraph as requested, it’s fucking wrong. Way to miss the entire point of Batman, kid.This is probably the most rage inducing thing I’ve read at work all year.

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"this kind of thing ever happen to you?"
"let me tell you about a woman named selina kyle."

idris elba as bruce wayne/batman and kerry washington as selina kyle/catwoman

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Bruce & Cass/Batman & Batgirl - Ming Doyle

Posting my commission from Ming Doyle at Phoenix Comicon because I love it so much and wanted to share it.  I just want to add a major thanks to her for finishing it up even through the chaos of confusing fire alarms and evacuation.  You’re super awesome!!

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Metal Gear Batman by George Perez 

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Annnnd a final single post of all the Bat-themed Year One posters. 

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